Monday, July 12, 2010

With No title

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting and unpredictable from all aspect. A lot of things were going on in very busy and hectic working period. For local employee in my company summer usually is not fun especially if you are bachelor. First of all, most of the experts take their annual leave in summer understandably why!! If I was in their shoes of course I would run away from 50 degC temperature and 98% humidity. and been bachelor your good local college will use the normal expired poor excuse that they have to take their kids out and the only time they can take leave is during summer when their kids are not on school ( even if they don’t have any kids !!). Anyway, for me it is not big deal because personally I don’t like to take leave in summer unless I will run away from here, which I have no plan to do that this year.

As preparation for summer, I want and bought TV satellite set and finally my TV that I have bought in 2006 will finally be switch on. Actually my TV hate me so much for what I did for it and it went broken with electrical circuit faults only after three hours of operation. I don’t blame it as more than 3 year ago , it was the luckiest TV between the 100s of unit that was laying on the floor of Carrefour , that day it though thinking that this my day , this the day I will be free and I will see all the channels. The happiness of my new TV was even greater when it get to be connected to home theater speakers with 250 Watt amplifier. But that was last time I have seen the smile face on my beloved TV , except the few days when my brother visit me and bring some DVD, actually in the end my TV was in total love with my brother and wait for his visited patiently. Anyway, I have fixed all that between me and my TV, and now we good friends and I am regularly in front of its screen. TV was installed and every thing was ready for summer and specially the world cup 2010.

World cup 2010, ammmm where shall I start …….
This year was Africa turn to organize the world cup and surprisingly it has been really amazing. to be honest , I had a big doubt on this world cup and I was ready for disappointment but I am so happy that it turned good despite the fact few things happens in the beginning. unfortunately, the disappointment came when the German won against Argentina, I never seen such game , Argentina had all the ball and all the position and Germany was hitting them in the run and in counter attach same exactly they did to England. but at the end , Spain deservedly won it and am so happy as they were playing well and they were playing neat football. The high point on the World cup I think is Madonna, this guy is amazing, and he is a legend. I know he is not a good coach yet , but I am sure he will win the world cup in Brazil… that would be fun to win in the land of the enemy ( ).. but he is great , and thanks to his dog when he bite his lips and he needed 10 stitched to redo his lower lip , as he grow his beard and it was looking great on him… the low side I would say was the noise coming from the omnipresent Vuvuzela horns. Gosh I would rather be faced with the horn of a rampaging rhino than the Vuvu equivalent, which are blown, blared or driven through your ear hole during each game.

In the personal side, finally I have started first step on building my own house. The experience of dealing with building contractor is the worse ever experience and I never seen more deceiving people like the contractor.

Finally, few weeks ago was my birthday (am not that fussy with birthday) but this day was a great day, I had the best day ever and so wired that little things that have a big effect on our feelings. I think I owe one person all the happiness and joy I had in such memorable day

I guess am leading now where so am going to stop now specially my black coffee is almost finished and I feel that I need refill

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  1. اصحى يا نايم ووحد الدايم

    (حملة الجسد الواحد)

    أرجوا من المدونين الموقرين أن يضعوا شعار الحملة واسمها فقط فوقها (حملة الجسد الواحد) في الشريط الجانبي لمدوناتهم كدلالة على وحدة صف أمة محمد، ومن أجل قيام الولايات المتحدة الإسلامية

    لمزيد من المعلومات

    جعله الله في ميزان حسناتكم .. آمين