Monday, May 9, 2011

Is it logical, or just in Oman

Today in my coffee break I decide to have my quick news round, which usually in some Arabic news and some English news and most often I go to BBC to get sport news. Today I found myself reading ( ) and am not big fan with business news but in somehow I found myself reading this topic:

Omantel Q1 net down 19% on higher infrastructure spend

Than I wonder how that happens and is it really normal and my curiosity level start to increase so I decide to see how that compare to other communication company in the world. I am big fan of Vodafone and I have used their service for 6 years with big satisfaction when I was in UK and it’s the largest second company in the world after China Mobile. I found this report in ( (for report click here) and I looked up for Vodafone profit in Wikipedia which is very trusted source. hence this what I found out for the year 2010:

Vodafone :
Net profit : 8645 Million dollar
number of subscribers : 341 Million
Number of Employees: 84990
Profit rate: 25 dollar per subscriber

Net profit : 335 Million dollar
number of subscribers : 3.2 Million ( I don’t know how as our population is only 2 million)
Number of Employees: 2200
Profit rate: 105 dollar per subscriber

So let’s read in these numbers, Omantel have 1% of Vodafone subscribers and 3 % of employee. However, when it comes to profit per subscribers Omantel have 410% more than Vodafone. In English, Omantel making 4 times more than Vodafone if we take the number of subscribers into account.
In another language it means Omantel is 4 times expensive as Vodafone which is a very high.

So can anyone tell me the logic behind this?

Anyway, I will stop here I was gunna compare the service and facility they have but than I thought its enough depression and frustration for one day

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coffee Break

In a busy day, sometime we all need a five minute break and in stressful routine day, we all need to smile. But why we need to smile?
Smiling is a great way to make yourself stand out while helping your body to function better. Smile to improve your health, your stress level, and your attractiveness. and if you need more reasons to smile , than you should know that smiling is Contagious and Boosts Your Immune System. also smiling lowers Your Blood Pressure and releases Endorphins, Natural Pain Killers and Serotonin. For ladies you should know that smiling Lifts the Face and Makes You Look Younger. So here you go you get your self a free face lifts session.

From personal experience, recently, I been passed by extreme pressure and enormous stress due to work stress and completing the construction of my house, all that tipped with the changing phase of my life by getting married Which make you feel loner and unhappy. However, during the this period I found a magical relief and amazing way to keep going, this relief was coming from laughter and you cant imagine how this small natural act can have a complete positive effect on you. Actually laughter is a natural, physical process which releases pain, physically and emotionally. It is part of the body's biological drug store.

I did small quick research about laughter and its effects and I found out that serious nation with serious people who have serious health problems, many of which are related to stress. Laughter relieves stress. Through laughter we cope with our fear and anger, the two emotions which result in stress. I found out that laughter:

1. It allows us to be creative and to work harder but more comfortably.
2. It decreases isolation. Laughter allows us to bond with other people and ease our loneliness.
3. It's contagious. Laughter creates laughter. Allowing laughter to swell into a movement across the land would reduce our growing anger and violence.
4. It's universal. Everybody can laugh. Human beings are born with the gift of laughter. A sense of humor is not necessary to laugh.
5. It reduces aggression and conflict. People laughing are unable to hold each other at sword point. Some how there is no longer a point, only acceptable differences.
6. It relieves anxiety. One cannot laugh and be afraid simultaneously. It's physically impossible. Laughter also shrinks the source and size of our fears.
7. Above all else, it's fun. It gives us back our playfulness, a characteristic of all mankind.

I though I will create “coffee Break” group in Facebook where we can share some funny story, nice jokes, that one can enjoy while sipping his/her coffee to make the break more refreshing and relaxing and to introduce more laughter in our life and revel in the opportunity to need fewer or no drugs at all to revel in the experience of your everyday life.

So please feel free to join our group and spread the fun and jokes, the group link is below

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Voyage of happiness – The beginning

The start of my new life was the same as everyone, when you start have a mental picture of your soul mate and life partner. Usually at early ages and at our teen, we would have created our partner based on some movie star. One time we were talking about this topic and I was kinda shocked kinda passed out from laughing when my mate say that the girl final fantasy characters is his mental picture of his dream girl and he even went further to say actually she is his dream girl and still is ?!!

Anyway I know there is itching desire inside you right now to know who was my dream girl? or what was my mental picture of ideal partner. Well to be honest I feel like been a total pain in the neck and not telling you , … ok I will tell you , my well not really one , but I use and actually still like JLO , Angelina Jolie and my all time favorite which am sure going to be surprise for a lot of you is Drew Barrymore. Most of us grow up( excepts for some individual who still living in his teen life while he is in the 40th ) and that picture get more mature , and we spicy it up with more serious ingredients.

In part two of my journey to my new life , I will share with you few of the ingredients that I have seen and what I thought or still think and believe are very important for a happy marriage and a beautiful new life. Just understand that here am not talking about essential ingredients and I am not talking about the basics that all have to be there. Some of the basics are good family, religion and respectful etc. the following some of the ingredients that I have based my new life on and some of which I believe that would make the marriage life lovable and meaningful:
· Understanding: knowing and understanding is the basic and most important ingredient that every marriage need. Every person have his/her needs all these needs have to be satisfied or fed and without a prior knowledge and understanding the other person will find it very hard to live up to the expectations
· Communication: effective and good communication skills are important to resolve any miss understanding or conflict. It very important to know when and how to communicate. This ingredient is very important to enable you effectively handle any conflict and have a health and happy relationship
· No blame and nonjudgmental attitude: this very important , blaming culture is a killer for every relationship and you should never judge your partner and shall always try to understand and forgive , and If you forgive never ever to bring back in any conversion
· Commitment: this very hard one and personally it take me while until I felt that I am ready for the committed life. The couple should be both willing to committee their life for each other. They willing to stand for each other and support each other in everything. they should be willing to be couple , lover and close friends
· Appreciation : the spouse should always have appreciation for each other
· Humility: the person should have a touch of humility and modesty. Stubborn spouse is a pain in the neck for the marriage life , as this ingredient help and improve the willingness for the couple to adjust and create teachable sprit inside them
· Financial planning: what do I mean by this, first most of the small problem or even major conflict in marriage life comes from misunderstanding regarding the financial planning. Hence having a harmonious couple financial plan is sign of happy marriage
· Sense of humor : I think the couple should have some sense of humor and be able to laugh and make each other laugh

These were few of the ingredients that made my dream partnerand for thus people who wondering did I get my wish and asking if my partner have any of the above. I would say yes , most of what I want and even more than I have dreamed of , she is amazing in everything and that make me so happy and luck. that why I can look forward for a happy new life

PS. Wait for part three of my journey to happy life

Friday, November 12, 2010

أبجديات ما قبل النوم

سالني احدهم
هل ما زلت تكتب الشعر
فاجبته بقول محمود درويش
"هل ما زال الشعر ضرورياً؟
وهل ما زال الشعر ممكناً؟"

اليوم امر بحالة شوق ووجدان
وبصدفه سمعت في الميذياع من يقول ان العرب تستخدم كلمة "شوقي" مرادف ل" حبيبي "
وهوا متعارف عليه في الاغاني والقصيد
ولكن ماذا اذا كان الشوق ناتج عن الحبيب هل لا يزال الحبيب يسمى شوقي
انا بين النوم والسهاد
كلما اغمضت عيني اجدني احدق في عينيها
أحدق و أرى حلم جميلا
أرى حلم مقبل
أرى زمنا يتبدل
أرى لغة لا تفهم
أرى قديستى تتجمل
نعم انها هيا
قدستي هناك تنتظر
هيا أجمل
هيا احلى
وافنح عيني و أرى النور
واغمضها و أرى النور
هما الاثنين نور و نور
بل هيا اجمل من نور المصباح
فالمصباح لا حاجت له في النهار
وقديستي لا استغني عنها لا باليل ولا النهار

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Voyage of happiness –Breaking news

Recently my younger brother has started his new life by getting engaged and I never thought that the start of his happiness would be the start of stressful period of me. Although that stress from people whom related or not been there for while, like am the only bachelor in town?!

Anyway in that day, me and my cousin decide to spice the day by confusing everyone by sitting next to my brother fully dressed. the good part most of our relative whom was coming for the small family party we had have no clue who is who and most of them can not distinguish between us. Anyway it was fun for while until everyone recognizes that the younger brother was the one whom getting married and than everyone was asking why he is getting married before his brother. Anyhow, my brother is happily engaged and am happy for him. however , every time I see anyone would ask me two question , why your brother get married before you , and why you not married yet ? ..daaaah , the answer damn obvious , he found his soul mate , and he started his life ,, what was wrong in that , marriage dose not have to be in any specific order and there is no law say that younger brother or sister have to wait for his/her older siblings.

I know some of you already confused and wondering where the heck am going with this. Anyway here we are the breaking news for this year, 2010
“Yes I have finally crossed the line “

Recently, after long waited period specially my mum, I have decided that I will start my new life specially that I have meet a very special person and I feel that I am the luckiest ever person and here I am engaged

yah , I am finally going to loss the “single” status and am sure the famous “singles gang “ gunna miss one lousy member , so hard to say good bye to them but so happy to be something for someone ,, it’s a beautiful feeling

so I know you want details , lol but sorry I am not gunna tell you anything more now , but I promise you all, that I will tell you the whole story in parts soon as it happen

Finally I am engaged
Finally I am happy
Moreover, since that day the joy and happiness have been filling my daily routine andand the smiles never left my lips

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Punishment or Homework?!

اليوم اول يوم في الاجازه السنويه ... والواحد راجع مرتاح ورامي كل شي ورا ظهره
بس افتح الاميل اشوف دعوه قلت بنفسي يا شيخ جاك الخير مره وحده هذي دعوه لافطار
بس الصدمه العاطفيه والنفسيه والبدنيه لما تشوف واجب منزلي في اول يوم اجازه
يعني مو حرام ... ابي اصيح بس عيب الرجال يصيحون بكتم بنفسي وابدا احل ... ما ادري شو صار في ايام زمان ما في واجبات بالاجازه السنويه بس في عصر ( الفرصده) ما في رحمه
بصراحه الدراسه جميله بس الوجبات والعقاب مو حلو ابدا ... فلكل المدرسين اقولها وارفع صوتي
We love you as long there are no homework and no punishment, let's make our study free of homework
الواجب المنزلي:
اليوم: الاحد
التاريخ: 11 رمضان 1431 الموافق 22 من اغسطس 2010
المادة: المطالعه و النصوص

من أرسل لك الدعوة ؟
Omanizer الأستاذة

كتب الطفولة التي بقيت عالقة في ذاكرتك ؟
عبقرية خالد بن الوليد للكاتب الكبير عباس محمود العقاد

مَنْ أهم الكتاب الذين قرأتِ لهم؟
كثيرين منهم:
ستيفين وكوفي Stephen Covey
سبنسر جونسون Spencer Johnson
واين داير Wayne Dyer
اجاثا كريستي Agatha Christie
محمود درويش
ومن شعراء النبط : بدر عبدالمحسن , خالد عبدالرحمن , عبدالله الفيصل , خالد الفيصل
وغيرهم كثير

من هم الكتاب الذين قررت ألا تقرأ لهم مجددا ؟
لا احكم على الكاتب بل على مضمون الكتاب

في صحراء قاحلة ، أي الكتب تحمل معك ؟
Wayne Dyer - The Power of Intention

ما هي الكتب التي تقرئها الآن ؟
في هذا الشهر الكريم احاول ان اكثر من قراة المصحف الشريف

ATLAS SHRUGGED for AYN RANDكذلك احاول ان اكمل

ما هو الكاتبـ\ـة الذي\التي لم تقرأي لهـ\ـا أبدا ، وتتمنى قراءة كتبه\ـا ؟

J. R. R. Tolkien

أرسل الدعوة لأربعة مدونين من أجل مشاركتنا بذكرياتهم مع القراءة :
ام عزان
عائشَة السيفيّ
عذرا هم ثلاثه لا رابع لهم

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Would you do that to your friend?!!!

Lately I have been a regular customer to a very nice and quite café in Muscat. The atmosphere in thus place is very friendly and relaxing.( Enough advertisement for the 1882 café!!)

last week while am stopping the car behind this café, I notice one gentleman just stopped before me and he get off the car and went to the second seat and open the door for the lady in front seat. I was shocked and so pleased to see one of us doing this, but I said to myself they must be honeymooners, they are new married and the relationship still in its height, but when I saw him turn to the backseat and lead a beautiful two year baby girl and carry her onside with them I was amazed. I had very high respect and I still have actually because he was treating his lady with full respect and love which very rare to see. By luck this family sat near my usual table as when I get in the café as usual the nice waiter (Raul) came and open the door for me and he said:

“Sir your table is free let me connect your laptop adapter and give you Today password”

Hence he didn’t give me much of chance to locate myself away from this family so I can give them more privacy. I mange to sit down and connect my laptop while Raul was busy preparing my usual drink (lately he don’t even ask me what I want he just bring the coffee as he know I never drink anything other than black coffee). with time I couldn’t help not over hearing their conversation which it turn to me that the wife is not local ( she is not Omani girl ) and at that moment I asked myself , if this girl was Omani would he treated her the same? If not than why he wouldn’t he, also made me think why we don’t see a lot of husband doing the same? And so many other questions which made me go back and think about the antique of how to treat a lady.

The antique of to treat a lady is not what most of us men think we know. We think opening a door and stepping to one-side to allow our lady friends enter first is being a gentleman. Well sorry guys, if that is all you think you have to do, then you are out of luck. The fact that it a lot of more than that, and believe me some of these I have learned it the hard way!!

Actually my topic today is not how to treat a lady as in the end of the day everyone of have his own way and method. However, my main question and concern is if we actually know how to behavior in front of our female friend or colleague and we know how to treat them with manner, why we do not behavior the same when we deal with our spouse?! Why do we forget that she is a lady,( and for god seeks, she meant to be the most important lady on your life! ). So, why you treat her with less respect?

For example, if you are dinning with one of your friends, wouldn’t you ask nicely if you want them to pass you something from a cross the table, wouldn’t you say thank you afterward?! So, why you do not do the same for your spouse?

Another case, if someone have cooked you a meal, am sure everyone will be very appreciative and would at least compliment the food and say thank you, but I wonder how many husband will complement his wife and thank her for the great dinner( even if the maid had prepared the food!!)

The question here is why our behavior changes when we deal with our spouse. If we explore this issue from all dimensions we will find that it has three main dimensions or reasons:

The first dimension is the society: How? In our society, am talking about Omani society (although the fact can be generalized about most of the Arabic societies) we treat the female members of our family with less manners. Or let say we don’t walk the extra mile to please them or make them feel better. We relax our manner and respect in front of them. By time, the wife become one member of the family so the way the husband treat her will become exactly the way he treat the rest of female members of his family.

Second dimension is the wife: The wife herself is the main reason for all this. Ask me how?! When two people start relationship and the marriage life start, the two start to set the rules and by time it build up the blocks of most of behavior and relationship rules. hence, for all the women , when a man treat you a way less than he should be treating you than you should stop him or at least let him feel that this not the way you like to be treated. However, most of girls dose not have the courage to do that and this lead the men in that way. In my view the women in our society are weak and they are so nice to the point of becoming naïve. I wonder why when a girl say, he never did this to me, and he never said this to me to her friend but on the other side she never said that to him or made him feel that she is not happy with what he doing. I want to see one time that a girl when they get in the parking don’t rush to the door and wait for him to come and open the door for her, or when they coming to the car if he don’t come to open the door , she should ask him at least one time: “Baby can you open the door” so he will feel you want that, and its your right, and believe he will never forget it again. Hence , I think and my full believe that our society will never change unless the women themselves start to demand that change and start to show that they have rights to be treated in full manner.

Third and final dimension is the man: ok I left this to the last as it’s the essence of this issue. He is the one who can make it happen. In short , every man should look at his wife as his best friend and he should think when he do something , what if this person was my best friend , or my female friend or my female colleague at work , how would I behaved, how I would treated her. Than, he should treats his wife in same way if not even better, because in the end of the day she is most important person in his life. Secondly, the man should stop looking at his wife like the rest of his female member of family. She is part of his family, but she is not his sister, she is not his cousin, she is his wife, she is his best friend, she is special, and she shall be treated as special.

Moreover, if we look at our daily life we can see a lot of situations where a person will do something that will never do for his/her friends but you can easily see him/her doing it for his/her partner. hence I would like to highlight the top situation that I think every person should be aware of them:

First: Disrespect their partner in the company of others. This very important for a married coupled as usually this lead for loss of interest and break the real bonds between the couples. So, Next time your wife or husband is "being themselves" out with friends, just smile and remember that it is really not a big deal and try to avoid rolling your eyes at or vehemently disagreed with or nitpicked the way your spouse chose to phrase a story in public? If you have something, keep it until you are alone and talk about it.
Secondly: Regularly break plans. If you decide to visit family or friends for lunch or dinner, do you back out last-minute? Why would you do such a thing to your husband or wife? This make the spouse think that you take him or her for granted? From now on if you make plans with your partner, please stick to them.
Third: Nag, nag, nag. Let’s ask two questions here, first would you call up your friends and make demands on them? I guess the answer is no, so why would you do this to your husband or wife? Secondly, what would make you happier: telling your partner what to do and watching them do it begrudgingly, or giving them a chance to do something for you because they simply WANTED to do it?
Fourth: Forget your manners. This very important and a lot of people are guilty of doing it. You have to Treat your spouse with kindness, don't behave boorishly, correct your mistakes, remember your manners, apologize, forgive and forget and always remember that Please, thank-you, excuse me, and I'm sorry are no less important at home than they are when in the company of your friends and colleagues.

Finally, for both the wife and husband I want you to just close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself these questions:
· When was the last time I treated my spouse as a friend?
· Do you make certain demands on your husband because that's the way your mother treated your father?
· Do you use the same phrases in speaking to your wife that your dad uttered to your mom?
· Would you treat your friend in the same manner? My guess is no.

Please remember that you vowed to stay together "for better or for worse," but why make it worse when it can easily be so much better.

“Little things really do mean a lot”