Sunday, November 14, 2010

Voyage of happiness – The beginning

The start of my new life was the same as everyone, when you start have a mental picture of your soul mate and life partner. Usually at early ages and at our teen, we would have created our partner based on some movie star. One time we were talking about this topic and I was kinda shocked kinda passed out from laughing when my mate say that the girl final fantasy characters is his mental picture of his dream girl and he even went further to say actually she is his dream girl and still is ?!!

Anyway I know there is itching desire inside you right now to know who was my dream girl? or what was my mental picture of ideal partner. Well to be honest I feel like been a total pain in the neck and not telling you , … ok I will tell you , my well not really one , but I use and actually still like JLO , Angelina Jolie and my all time favorite which am sure going to be surprise for a lot of you is Drew Barrymore. Most of us grow up( excepts for some individual who still living in his teen life while he is in the 40th ) and that picture get more mature , and we spicy it up with more serious ingredients.

In part two of my journey to my new life , I will share with you few of the ingredients that I have seen and what I thought or still think and believe are very important for a happy marriage and a beautiful new life. Just understand that here am not talking about essential ingredients and I am not talking about the basics that all have to be there. Some of the basics are good family, religion and respectful etc. the following some of the ingredients that I have based my new life on and some of which I believe that would make the marriage life lovable and meaningful:
· Understanding: knowing and understanding is the basic and most important ingredient that every marriage need. Every person have his/her needs all these needs have to be satisfied or fed and without a prior knowledge and understanding the other person will find it very hard to live up to the expectations
· Communication: effective and good communication skills are important to resolve any miss understanding or conflict. It very important to know when and how to communicate. This ingredient is very important to enable you effectively handle any conflict and have a health and happy relationship
· No blame and nonjudgmental attitude: this very important , blaming culture is a killer for every relationship and you should never judge your partner and shall always try to understand and forgive , and If you forgive never ever to bring back in any conversion
· Commitment: this very hard one and personally it take me while until I felt that I am ready for the committed life. The couple should be both willing to committee their life for each other. They willing to stand for each other and support each other in everything. they should be willing to be couple , lover and close friends
· Appreciation : the spouse should always have appreciation for each other
· Humility: the person should have a touch of humility and modesty. Stubborn spouse is a pain in the neck for the marriage life , as this ingredient help and improve the willingness for the couple to adjust and create teachable sprit inside them
· Financial planning: what do I mean by this, first most of the small problem or even major conflict in marriage life comes from misunderstanding regarding the financial planning. Hence having a harmonious couple financial plan is sign of happy marriage
· Sense of humor : I think the couple should have some sense of humor and be able to laugh and make each other laugh

These were few of the ingredients that made my dream partnerand for thus people who wondering did I get my wish and asking if my partner have any of the above. I would say yes , most of what I want and even more than I have dreamed of , she is amazing in everything and that make me so happy and luck. that why I can look forward for a happy new life

PS. Wait for part three of my journey to happy life

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