Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Voyage of happiness –Breaking news

Recently my younger brother has started his new life by getting engaged and I never thought that the start of his happiness would be the start of stressful period of me. Although that stress from people whom related or not been there for while, like am the only bachelor in town?!

Anyway in that day, me and my cousin decide to spice the day by confusing everyone by sitting next to my brother fully dressed. the good part most of our relative whom was coming for the small family party we had have no clue who is who and most of them can not distinguish between us. Anyway it was fun for while until everyone recognizes that the younger brother was the one whom getting married and than everyone was asking why he is getting married before his brother. Anyhow, my brother is happily engaged and am happy for him. however , every time I see anyone would ask me two question , why your brother get married before you , and why you not married yet ? ..daaaah , the answer damn obvious , he found his soul mate , and he started his life ,, what was wrong in that , marriage dose not have to be in any specific order and there is no law say that younger brother or sister have to wait for his/her older siblings.

I know some of you already confused and wondering where the heck am going with this. Anyway here we are the breaking news for this year, 2010
“Yes I have finally crossed the line “

Recently, after long waited period specially my mum, I have decided that I will start my new life specially that I have meet a very special person and I feel that I am the luckiest ever person and here I am engaged

yah , I am finally going to loss the “single” status and am sure the famous “singles gang “ gunna miss one lousy member , so hard to say good bye to them but so happy to be something for someone ,, it’s a beautiful feeling

so I know you want details , lol but sorry I am not gunna tell you anything more now , but I promise you all, that I will tell you the whole story in parts soon as it happen

Finally I am engaged
Finally I am happy
Moreover, since that day the joy and happiness have been filling my daily routine andand the smiles never left my lips

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