Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Here we are again, one year passed and another year is coming. the fact that most of time we find yourself sailing in very deep and fast moving stream and other time you find yourself sailing in wild calm sea. although sailing in the sea is seem like more relaxing however , you always tend to see yourself lost and you really don’t know where you going. the same for the stream it just take you where it want and you became slave for the time and the stream you just follow its path without the ability to change your direction.
So which one is better?
I really don’t know.
All what I know I have been flipping between these two modes and I always find myself lost in between.
However, here we are rolling the last days in 2009 and moving toward a near year. Hence I think it always good to sit with yourself and reflect in 12 months that have passed by, what the low points, what the high points, what things that really disturbed you, what made you happy. What made you sad, etc
For me, 2009 wasn’t that high profile year, have not really accomplished any thing major, it has been a very quite year. Which I really regret, I should been more proactive, more upfront, however I think the main problem I never had clear vision, nor had a clear goals. My goal setting was lack of enthusiasm and lack of organization. That is why this year I would like to set more clear goals and less number of them. I always find so hard to achieve a lot of goals in one year and if you over load yourself, you will end up with nothing.

Hence I thought I will try to make plan for 2010 and come with 2010 resolution. However, before that I wanted to do quick research about the art of goal sitting. The interesting part that I found out that the traditional goal-setting wisdom has taught us that a good goal must be a) written, b) challenging, c) believable, d) specific, e) measurable, and f) have a specific deadline. There are several checklist methods for goal sitting and all of came from the old technology: pen and paper. The old-school of goal-setting suggested that people write down goals on a small slip of paper and keep it in their wallet or purse. Unfortunately, suffice to say that most of this paper will always end up dissolving into lint. However, these days there is software and more recently some websites (mostly payable) which can help you plan and track your goals. I found out that these websites are practical but also tedious and very complicated for personal use; however they are good for corporate planning.

I always wondered “what makes a good goal plan?” The best answer I found state that a good Goal plan is one that when followed, offers a reasonably high probability of success, given sufficient time.

Finally from this quick research I found out that the best steps to make a great plan are:
1-pick limited number of goals
2-make clear and realistic plan
3-Anticipate problems
4-pick start and end date
5-Go for it and work hard
6-accept failure
7-plan reward

I would like to emphasis in the last one, always plan a reward for yourself, this is your personal goal and when you achieve it, you should reward yourself with something so you will taste the happiness and pleasure out of it.

So here is my main resolution for 2010. I resolve in 2010 to:
1-finish building my house
2-continually go to gym and get my fitness level up
3-improve my job competence profile
4-continually update my blog
5-get engaged

Finally, May the New Year (1431 & 2010) bring these Wishes to you all
Health, inside you

Happiness deep down within

Company and support of family & friends

A caring heart that accepts & treats all human beings equally

Enrichment of knowledge and richness of diversity

Courage to seek & speak the truth even if it means standing alone

Hopes and dreams of a just world and the desire to make it happen

A light to guide your path Helping hands to strengthen unitySerenity and peace within your mind, heart & soul

Food for thought & soul

A hand to hold

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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