Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beautiful day, Ruined by MM

What a beautiful weather that our lovely city is passing by today, I just took my lunch break and my dark black Columbian blend coffee and start driven around near the beach enjoying the weather. But suddenly the rain a bit increases and the water start to overflow and fill the entire road. The drivers start to put on their black masks and start driving and fighting (yes they seem more of fight rather than driving). I understand that the road condition is bad, thanks to MM (Muscat Municipality). Who I think should be given the prize for the worse ever drainage system in the world. Despite all the signs that we seen from previous rains and the accident /delays caused by r it seem that MM the last to notice. If they have ever notice, and what really pissing me off and drive me nut , that even the new roads been design without a drainage system. FOR GOD SEEK wake up , I am gunna stop talking about MM design as even old people can see how stupid they look , two weeks a go I took my grandpa who lived most of his life in the village to new reconstructed Al-Qurum beach. and while we sitting I he said I want coffee and I said let us go to the café in front of us (Starbucks). Than he left his head and looked at it and he say, what a stupid design why the road is in the seaside and the restaurant and café the roadside , GO GET ME MY COFFEE AM NOT MOVING FROM HERE, and he called me stupid ( although I had nothing to do with that design). Moral of the story, even a 70 year old whom never been in the beach would easily spot such a mistake and such stupid design. They have done it before and when the cyclones came and toke it all in pieces. They still have done it the same way… Gosh when they gunna wake up from their old deep deep sleeping,,, am gunna stop cause they really hate to be disturb when they sleeping and I might get punish for it.. so ishhhhhh be quite PPL as been quite is what we are famous of

Anyway, can’t also ignore to notice how naïve and uneducated are most of the drivers in Muscat. I recently came from India (Mumbai ) and you can not imagine how busy the road in there , but what I really liked , the traffic was always moving and everyone open space and help each other. all what you need to do is HORN and everyone will open space for you. No one get upset if you cut them, and that what I really adore, the traffic always in harmony, and always moving.
I wish one day in Muscat that you see people helping each other in the road and you see less people driving in the side of the road trying to cut you off. I guess maybe we can hope that our kids will enjoy that in 100 years as honestly with the mentality of the people we having right now, we would never get there. It is my dream and I wil keep dreaming !!!

Finally, I’m gunna be walking in the rain again … I MISS the RAIN

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