Monday, December 7, 2009

Tête à Tête

First of all , its very late eid wishes , but eid mubark everyone and hope you all had great holiday , also I know it been long time since my last blog.

Well today was my first day back at work after few weeks off, and it was such a long day. However, the holiday was very relaxing and lazy time. For first time since I don’t remember when I stayed for long time at home , just with family and lazing around and sleeping and eating. I know what you think, yes I gain few pounds but gunna burn them soon …
As always after long time, it would be the time to chit-chat and get and hear all the news from all the places. In the end of the day, people love to spread news and you can not help it , you always wanna hear more.

Top of list was the end of year ranking , which really wasn’t my interest but had to listen to it several time. Second, and all time favorite was WHEN U GUNNA GET MARRIED. I just don’t know when people gunna get bored of that question. Anyway, if you also wondering than, I would just say it’s going to be soon. Don’t ask me what soon mean because that very subjective.
Another , one that really pissed me off , that everyone kept asking me” what happen to Chelsea “ , for God seek we were winning 5-0 and 4-0 and we cut Arsenal apart , and we screw up Man-U and no one say what happen , and we lost once and every one now taken the piss out. Seem like everyone had kept it in their heart and we so jealous about the success, but don’t worry traitors, Chelsea still in the top you like it or not.

The only interesting chat I had is about world cup draw, Argentina had nice draw although I wish Greece wasn’t in same group as my fav. Team. Also I will be very interesting to see England vs USA , and Brazil vs Portugal… I have full analysis of the draw but really cant bother to go one coz I feel sleepy and tired.

Finally , here is a nice quote I have get last week , which really mean a lot.

Achieving success is just like being pregnant..Everyone congratulate you on the outcome but no one knows how many times you get FU**CKED

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