Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From here and there

Well it is almost midnight and for some mysterious reasons it seems that i can not sleep. Lately life not been treating me nicely and the stress level have been greater than to be handled that why i have dropped sick the last few day.I have really miss my blog and i been trying to find time as i have promised myself to come here (my blog ) more often this year but so far i couldn’t fully honour that promise but i will keep trying my best.

So from here and there, where can i start , so let me start with my physical condition, i am always seen thing from positive way, i always think that everything that happen to us have positive and negative aspects. So it all turns to how we look at it. Anyway, the interesting part is while am so sick Last Friday and i think i was talking to myself, (thanks god no one was around or i would be the joke of the week), i found out the human being turn to very sensitive and needy person while he is weak. Which is not new as Max-Neef have classified that as to human fundamental need in his Fundamental human needs theory. Hence its very normal that that people seek s to overcome feelings of illness and weakness by mean of giving and receiving love, affection and importantly the sense of belonging. I am not going to dwell in this a lot as the topic of fundamental human needs is large and I can keep talking about it all night long. However, the note here is that person sometime become needy when sick and when these needs are satisfied, the person feels self-confident and valuable as a person in the world. When these needs are frustrated, the person feels inferior, weak, helpless and worthless. This actually reminds me with one lovely txt messages I have received ages ago which I never understood except when I came across Max-Neef theory, the txt was saying:

“Our true colours shows at our strongest and weakest points ...and so are the colours of others”

Now lets move to another place, personally am one of the people who hate Al Batinah road. I guess people from home know why. This vital route in Oman and every day you see couple of tragic accidents which take the life of our youth. If we think for a moment we will find that everyone of us , have lost someone in that road ( family member , relative , or friend ). Anyway cut the story short, today while flipping through the day paper I saw this headline in Times of Oman which made me jump from my bed

“Flyovers and tunnels to replace 54 intersections in AL Batinah “

I said to myself wow finally and I was so happy, than I started to read the whole topic and my smile was getting bigger and bigger. So existed that the ministry of Transport and ROP finally realize that something have to be done. It’s a great step and I am so happy. However, when I finish reading the story I just realized that they going to close the intersections ONLY now and there is nothing mention about when is the plan will start to construct the flyovers. Have they thought about the consequences of this step and what is going to do to the traffic? I can ensure you that the traffic jams at the roundabouts will increase drastically. Hence I wonder what is the mitigations and what measures have been taken to tackle this issues, I think none… hence as usual we try to solve one problem and we rush to the solution, we gave HALF answer which for me not acceptable they should start construction the flyover and gradually close the intersection and not close 54 intersection all at once.. Anyway personally I have an alternative route which I usually take and I will keep avoiding this route

Anyway, Talking about Half answer, I have read lately something related to this and it really made me laugh. So now , we have a bright new writer who have created new name for Zawj friend and he called it “Half marriage ©” [ I had to put the copy right log ,as I heard he is been trying to get the copy right for this name after the article be published in several blogs and news site including CNN… ammm it seem CNN running out of topics]. Anyway, for people who doses not know what Zawj friends, it is actually boy friend – girlfriends relationship. This kind of zawj is very commonly know in Europ and USA between Muslim students who like to have relationships but still have it under the Islamic . the main justification was given for this kind of marriage was the high cost of marriage and to protect the people. However this to me not a solution its half solution which don’t work , with marriage its either all or not. My only support for this is a little story that I have experience, back in UK we where discussing same topic with Muslim who live in UK and as you can expected some was supportive some was against. Hence I didn’t try to defend my point of view a lot , what I did I took the leader of that group , ie the big supporter who actually he have done it . I took him a side and I asked him sarcastically:

“I totally agree with you and am glad that you open minded, hence that why I would like to ask you to marry you sister as Zwaj friend “

Do you really wanna know what was his answer? The fact that I had a black eye for three days because f that question, so I think you can make the conclusion yourself.

To get to the point, in our society, there are so many taboos and subjects we do not speak about concerning intimacy, relating and sex, that we literally become isolated within our own thoughts, conditioning and beliefs. However, I think when we try to solve or discus something as sensitive as this we should give real answer and not just try to reform or re call something. Try to fit in that to yourself and look it from both way if you think it is valid and worth publishing that everyone will welcome that . Personally Marriage is noble relationship, that no one should touch, it the ultimate of all relationships. Finally this my personal view and I am not mocking anyone here but this really made me laugh and finally it was really good effort for omanization of the zawj friend concept and really well presented. But I wonder what will the writer reaction will be if someone asked him the same question above?!!!!!!!!!

Moreover, lately I have been accused by been very idealistic and pessimistic. The fact is that I am completely the opposite as I consider myself very optimistic; however I am also realistic. Regarding idealistic, I wonder what wrong in striving to be ideal. I agree we do not live in ideal world but what is wrong on trying to drive our world and society perfection or to better one. Why do I have to accept all what I have inherited from other?!!

Finally, I would like to state and emphasis that when i write about something sad and sore (either personal or social), I don’t want you to cry and feel the pain but I would like you to change that sad face of the whole world. As its our duty to understand that sometime there is no hope but we have to change it and our life have to continue. To emphasis on that once more let me try to put it in different language:

احبتي : عندما نكتب عن أشياءمحزنه لا نطلب منكم البكاءوالألم،بل لتغيروا ذلك الوجه الحزين للعالم؛لأنه علينا، في نهايةالمطاف أن نفهم، أن كل الأشياء من غير أمل ولكن مع ذلك علينا أن نغيرها فالحياة ببساطة يجب أن تستمر

Now am going to leave you with this quote

“Money can’t buy happiness but somehow, its more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle ...”

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