Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

First of all, happy New Year and May Allah bless you all and shower you all with his blessing in this holy month. My initial intention was also to write about Ramadan and why Muslim fast in this months but i found that so many article and site talk about that in details , so if you really want to know just write Ramadan , or fasting or Muslim holly month of Ramadan, and you will find all the answers
Anyway , today was the fourth day , and my system still can not get adjusted to the lack of caffeine, plus the long working hours i had the last few days didn’t help at all.
So, tonight after i had my breakfast (Iftar) and my stomach get settle from the rapid invasion of food, i decided to treat my brain ( yeas coz my head was asking for caffeine ) with nice cup of coffee from my favourite place in town Barista. I just love the place and the Cuban coffee blend they have and the staff are very friendly (whish rare to find in our society)
While am sipping my third cup and talking to my friends a beautiful girl , who can be between 18-20 , come toward us and we all look to each other cause we know what she would say, she was asking for money. We all felt shocked but not surprised as it turn out that everyone of us had similar situations in the last few days. Which make me wonder why !
So why a young girl get so low and ask for money, where from the look she can work for her money. Why we became so dependent and we want everything easily. I just wonder and make me think a lot. Unfortunately these people who are asking for help they don’t look like someone who is in need, and most of time there are not local.
I guess so many of you have passed by this situation one or two times, but who have tried to correct it or do something about it , no one including myself. All what i did to say no. In other situation, the girl was so convincing or nice to look at and give her something.
What i am worried about that next time a real in need person come and ask for something, no one will answer his/her call.
Because we all think he/she is just another one of these people who are trying to make easy money.
I remember my old day in England, at a time we had the same things and the number of kids and women who been asking for help and money went up so fast. Believe it or not, it was almost same people who are asking for money here, same nationalities (you all know who i mean, period)
So what the government did to stop this people, they didn’t cut in them as it was so hard and they were working in much organised fashion. They came with rule that whoever gave these people will be held responsible and will be charge and punish for his/her act.
Finally , all what i want from you guys , next time you see or someone approach you for help , and you know as its always clear , they not really need it , please don’t even think about it and don’t even let them start talking as they words always convincing and know how to manipulate you and play with words. And if you really want to help, they real people who need help is everywhere and you can find them easily.
Lets all work for a better city, lets all work toward a better society

Ps:, if you think you have so much money and you just wanna waste it on thus people, you don’t have to do so , just drop me email and i would send u my bank detail ...lol

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