Sunday, August 16, 2009

AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

For change, today am over the top and am so happy
So my dear blog, I would like you to mark this day as the best I ever had for ages.
This day also taught me that if something has meant to happen it will happen and if happiness is written for you, you will get it
A wise person have told me once , my son never lose your faith , and never hide your will and keep pushing for your goals. What ever meant to happen to you will happen and you will achieve all your goals if there are good for you.
My goals in life are many , but I believe today was the start and i would never stop , today i made promise to myself that from this day ( August 16th 2009) am a different person and i will push for my goals even harder
Now i can lay my head in my beloved pillow and dive in to deep relaxing amazing sleep , coz that what the only things been missing from my day so far

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