Sunday, June 7, 2009

All about me

Last week a friend of mine dropped me email and he was happy that am finally back to my senses and am writing again. Not really writing but as he said its just a start. As usual he always have comments in everything, most of time very valuable and sometime he just been himself ( sorry matey u always gunna be ma best buddy)
Anyway, so his comment was that my blog have no identify and i have not introduce myself in anywhere in the blog. Well after his comment i sit with myself i tried to write and am been lazy , so typical of me ,I couldn’t bother and i was saved with my lovely camera that was laying next to me and the dust is covering all its lenses. So finally i collected the stuff was in my bed and that should describe my messy life style
The picture here is all about me, so read through it and i hope you would know me better, that my identity .

I know tomorrow i will wake up with a text massage saying (damn u!!! that wasn’t helpful), but am sorry matey that the best i could come with
Have great weekend everyone

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